Cups and peas puzzles


Cups and Peas is a variant of Andrea's tilt mazes. Andy Williams described
an idea to me and I misunderstood it.
I wrote a Java Applet based on that misconception and Andrea designed a
set of puzzles for it © Andrea, 2002-2003.
This JavaScript incarnation accepts the same puzzle definitions.


Fill all the cups simultaneously with peas of their respective colour.
Any black cups will be empty when all the peas rest in their own cups.


Use the Menu drop-list to select a puzzle (you may need to scroll the panel).


Use the N E W S buttons to tilt the tray.
Use Actions/Reset to reset the current puzzle.


When the tray is tilted, unobstructed peas travel in the tilt direction.
Immediately before before that, empty cups rotate to face the moving peas,
however occupied cups turn in the opposite direction releasing their contents.


You may wish to enlarge the play area.
Just drag the bottom right corner to change the size.